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PTM Technology Metals provides investors with upside leverage to those metals that are a key ingredient of 21st Century life. With technological advances across most industrial sectors, moving at an ever increasing rate, the need for certain raw materials has never been more prevalent.

An untapped opportunity exists to reduce the risk in mining investments, via secured streaming contracts, and take a portfolio approach to the financing of strategic metals producers globally.  This gap in the market exists due to an arbitrage between equity and debt markets within the mining focused capital markets; combined with a portfolio approach to reduce the risk in mining investments that are, stand alone, outside typical risk tolerance.

PTM Technology Metals has assembled a strong team of mining, technology and commodity markets professionals and is well progressed in the process of building a diversified portfolio of strategic metals streams. PTM Technology Metals has developed a proprietary platform to originate, model, evaluate, structure and execute individual streams.  Overarching the deal process is a well thought through strategy towards risk and portfolio management.